The Noah girls have beauty, powers, and brains.
They use all three to play their games.
They blow the dust,
the boys are crushed,
and no one is ever the same.

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About the Book

The Noah girls have beauty, powers, and brains.

They use all three to play their games.

They blow the dust,

the boys are crushed,

and no one is ever the same.

Each year the Noah girls play a secret game— Crushed. The rules are simple.

1. Use wisdom to pick your target. The boy can’t be too weak or too strong-willed.

2. Blow the enchanted dust into your target’s face to enchant (Crush) him.

3. Give verbal commands and assign them tasks to perform throughout the year. The more tasks completed, the stronger the witch’s power grows.

4. At the end of the year, the witch with the most power wins cold, hard cash.

As if being a witch in high school isn’t complicated enough, Kristen picks the wrong boy to Crush. Zach is tall, handsome, and a little scary. Her Crush spell isn’t working on him like it has with the others. In fact, he is behaving the opposite of every other boy she’s Crushed, hating her instead of adoring her. Something is definitely wrong. After someone attempts to kill her, Kristen realizes there is more at risk than a few hundred dollars. She may be betting with her life.

YA_White_M - Crushed

Reviewed by Melanie Newton
Some verbal bullying and taunting early in the book. In a dream Kristen pulls her sister's arm off.
Kids bullying when Kristen and Zach go on a date.
Lots of threats back and forth between the sisters and some pranks involving magic.
Explanations about how the witches got powerful including the a description of the murder of their parents.
Brittany tries to kill them by attcking them with a car.
Large fight towrds the end at the gym where they are trying to kill each other and it ends up with one of them dead.
Several uses of the 'B' word. pissed- off, Hell and damn. OMG abbreviations.
Kristen and Zach have some intense kissing at the movie theater again at their date at a club.
Talk of kids smoking in the bathrooms.
Mention of the kids doing the bullying having been drinking.

Super Natural Characters:Witches are the only characters in the book but the grandmother talks of vampires existing as well.
Zach and Morgan are witches but can transform into animals too.
Familiars (In this book they are sort of undead creatures)

Other: This is the story of what would be a typical high school romance but has the added complications of magic.  There are some darker elements that may be unsuitable for younger teenagers.

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About the Author
Kasi Blake

When Kasi Blake was in the third grade, she found out that a good story could get her out of trouble. Okay, some people call it a lie, but she didn't see anything wrong with using every skill available to her to avoid being grounded. Over the years, that didn't change. Her stories just grew more elaborate. When she was 12, she began to write them down, starting with a six-page tale about a boy from the wrong side of the tracks and the good girl that secretly wanted him. Kasi went on to write for Harlequin for a few years. Then, she published a vampire series on her own, and now she is publishing with Clean Teen.

Get ready for an exciting series on witches using their powers to play dangerous games at school. The first is Crushed. You can find her on Twitter @kasiblake, on FB, and she has a website under her name.

Kasi lives on a farm in the Midwest with tons of animals including cows, ducks, chickens, a dog, and cats.

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