Clean Teen Publishing pens a deal with Jenna-Lynne Duncan…


In late March 2016 Clean Teen Publishing signed a deal with award winning author Jenna-Lynne Duncan for her young adult novel titled BLUE TIDE. This title is slated for release in retail stores and online in early January 2017.

“With a large push this year for readers to get out of their comfort zones and read diverse fiction, we were pleased to add a title such as BLUE TIDE to our list. It has a little of everything including romance, adventure, and pirates. Ms. Duncan has done a wonderful job weaving an elaborate story that our readers will love!” Says Rebecca Gober (Clean Teen Publishing CEO)

BLUE TIDE is steeped in Middle Eastern culture and set among dangerous oceans and tropical Asian-Pacific Islands. The irresistible romance between the two characters, Lux and Draven, make for an unforgettable story. BLUE TIDE doesn’t just offer you an action packed romantic adventure; it’s a story with a message about culture, and acceptance of where you come from. It’s a story that teaches about life’s unexpected changes and how each moment shapes who you are as a person—even if the person you’ve become isn’t who you ever expected yourself to be.


Releasing January 9, 2017

Young Adult Action Adventure Romance

On a primitive tropical island, villagers must participate in daily defense training. As the mayor’s daughter, seventeen-year-old Lux is no exception. But Lux is not an islander; she’s an American refugee after The Floods. With no intentions of staying on the Island, Lux plans her escape. But before she can push her shoddy boat in the water, she’s kidnapped by the very thing she’s trained to protect herself against–Pirates.

Lux has seven days to make it back to her boat, or she’ll lose her one chance to go home. To make things worse, her fellow islanders are on board, and Lux is determined to see them to safety. Instinct tells her to fight, but Captain Draven is prepared for everything she throws at him—including her sword. She’s never met anyone like Draven–armored, Arab, arrogant. And his presence is doing nothing but complicating her plans.

Fighting with him every nautical mile, Lux begins to see the young captain’s civility toward his crew and the passengers. Draven has a reason for his piracy, one she understands all too clearly: he wants his freedom, his own chance to return home.

As soon as Lux hits land, she’ll belong to the most hated man in what’s left of the world, the man responsible for the drowning of entire nations. So she’d better swallow her feelings for Draven—because leading the mutiny to get back home again will mean trusting him with more than just her life, her heart.


7079316Jenna-Lynne Duncan is an award winning author who graduated from the University of St. Thomas with degrees in Political Science, International Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies. Jenna uses her knowledge as a source of inspiration beneficial to writing BLUE TIDE. BLUE TIDE was the recent winner of RWA’s Romancing the Lake contest.

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