Do bullies look alike? Guest post and giveaway from Tamara Grantham.

Redhead, Thy Name is Bully A Guest Post From Tamara Grantham. Think of a bully. What does he or she look like? Red hair? Freckles? Male? A little plump? Thick meaty fists? Did you think of him, too? For reasons that baffle me, our society has come to think of bullies as this guy. The big redheaded boy who loves … Read More

Giveaway & Guest post on bullying from Michelle K. Pickett.

Bullying Prevention Begins at Home A guest post and giveaway from Michelle K. Pickett. So, it’s National Bullying Prevention month, and I’m so proud to write for a publishing house that supports this cause. When Clean Teen asked the authors if we wanted to write a blog post about bullying, I knew immediately that I did. What I didn’t know … Read More

I just can’t…

AN ANONYMOUS GUEST POST: We received this anonymous guest post. It’s a fictional story, but rarely do we delve into the eyes of a bully. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it. *Note, there is a single curse word in this post and it’s used in its actual definition, so we kept it. We rarely allow curse words in … Read More