A new Kindling Flames book + A Big Giveaway!


Oh yeah, you are seeing right. The next book in the best-selling Kindling Flames Series is coming and we have an awesome new cover and pre-order links for you today. You are welcome! This series has been downloaded by more than 100,000 readers and has over 200 five star reviews on Amazon! If you haven’t started reading this series, this is a must read! Kindling Flames: Gathering Tinder is FREE so there are no excuses. For all of the current fans out there as well as the soon to be new fans, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new cover. Leave us a comment or two!

Kindling Flames: Burning Nights

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Ebook - Burning 4

After a wedding filled with werewolves, fay, and vampires, Vicky is looking forward to a nice, quiet honeymoon away from the chaos of Darien’s daily life. But nothing is ever simple with an Ancient Vampire around.

When the Vampire Council of Hawaii finds out Darien and his new bride are coming, they are determined to see that Darien is honored properly. But vampire etiquette isn’t for the faint of heart.

The nights could burn when lines are drawn… and Darien finds himself in a turf war he never intended to start.




After landing a job as the assistant to a handsome CEO, Victoria Westernly feels like her life is finally on the right track. But when she discovers her new boss is the city’s most powerful vampire, she’ll have to decide whether this new life is worth the risk…



Julie WetzelOriginally from Ohio, Julie always dreamed of a job in science. Either shooting for the stars or delving into the mysteries of volcanoes. But, life never leads where you expect. In 2007, she moved to Mississippi to be with her significant other.

Now a mother of a hyperactive red headed boy, what time she’s not chasing down dirty socks and unsticking toys from the ceiling is spent crafting worlds readers can get lost it. Julie is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and lover of big words. She likes hiking, frogs, interesting earrings, and a plethora of other fun things.

And with the Kindling Flames series, she is now an Internationally Best-Selling Author.



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