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Book Soundtrack: All The Songs Featured in ‘A Place Halfway’

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  1. Save The Last Dance For Me – The Drifters


Baby don’t you know I love you so?

Can’t you feel it when we touch?

I will never, never let you go

I love you oh so much


The song Josie sings at the very opening of the book, when she’s outraged that her teacher Miss Cartwright thinks that studying is more important than the charts.


  1. Cupid – Sam Cooke


Now, I don’t mean to bother you

But I’m in distress

There’s danger of me losing all of my happiness

For I love a girl who doesn’t know I exist

And this you can fix


Josie receives this record from Hanne for her sixteenth birthday. It’s also the song that she hears Jake singing later on when he’s washing dishes. She says he sounds exactly like Sam Cooke when he sings.


  1. Cathy’s Clown by The Everly Brothers


I’ve got to stand tall, you know a man can’t crawl

For when he knows you’re telling lies

And he lets them pass him by

He’s not a man at all


This is ‘the one about the clown’ that Claudette, Josie’s mother, really likes. Mother and daughter bond over this tune before Josie goes out and finds her job at the music club Halfway To Paradise.


  1. Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry


His mother told him someday you will be a man,

And you would be the leader of a big old band.

Many people coming from miles around

To hear you play your music when the sun go down


This song is playing at Halfway on the day that Josie first meets music mogul Vincent Walsh. They bond instantly over their mutual appreciation for Chuck Berry’s stylings and awesome guitar playing.


  1. Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly


I love you Peggy Sue

With a love so rare and true

Oh, Peggy, my Peggy Sue

Oh, well, I love you gal

Yes, I want you, Peggy Sue


Tommy Asher treats Josie to a secret rehearsal of this song, which he sings at his audition for Halfway’s music contest. Hanne is a huge Buddy Holly fan, and she melts when she hears Tommy play this song.


  1. I Feel So Bad by Elvis Presley


Sometimes I want to leave here

Then again I want to stay

Yes, I got my train fare

Pack my grip and ride away


Josie and Jake have their first true bonding moment over their appreciation for Elvis’s latest chart hit. They listen to the song again later in their relationship with fond memories of that first proper conversation.


  1. Hound Dog by Elvis Presley


When they said you was high classed,

well, that was just a lie.

You ain’t never caught a rabbit

and you ain’t no friend of mine.


Jake reminisces that this was his father’s favourite song. Later in the story, he brings the house down with his own rendition, singing it as though his father can hear him from Heaven.


  1. Splish Splash by Bobby Darin


They was a splishin’ and a splashin’

Reelin’ with the feelin’

Moving and a groovin’

Rockin’ and a rollin’… yeah!


You may missed this one when you were reading, but it’s the song Jake sings when he’s washing up, as V.W. and Josie listen in from outside the kitchen, discussing his potential.


  1. Jealousy by Billy Fury



Was only through jealousy

Our hearts were broken

And angry words were spoken


The song that Tommy sings the next time he competes in the competition. Josie says of him: “Every time he hit the stage, he was getting more accomplished, strumming out a note-perfect accompaniment to the pianist behind him as though they had rehearsed together for years.”


  1. Halfway To Paradise by Billy Fury


Bein’ close to you is almost heaven

But seein’ you can do just so much

It hurts me so to know your heart’s a treasure

And that my heart is forbidden to touch


Just as a little bonus track to close the playlist, this is the song that the music club Halfway To Paradise is named after. I think it’s lyrics really sum up the two romantic relationships of the novel, and how romance in general was portrayed by the music of the 1960s.


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