How audio books saved my sanity! How to combat road rage with audio books. (New audio book release by Clean Teen Publishing)


I’ve always made sure to work within thirty minutes tops of my home. I really dislike driving and unfortunately suffer slightly from road rage. I say slightly suffer because I’m not one to honk every three seconds or yell and scream at my other fellow travelers. I’ve never purposely cut someone off and then let loose my windshield wiper fluid in hopes that it would spray onto the car behind me so that they can get the point that I’m outraged at their terribly slow driving. More so, I end up on the verge of a break down and I have to do everything in my power to keep from banging my head against the steering wheel when there is nothing but red brake lights lining the lanes before me. After all, if I knock myself out banging my head against the steering wheel, it will only cause more of a traffic delay, right?   
So, when I took a job an hour and a half away from my home earlier this year, I had to find a way to cope with the horrendous terrors that driving from the outskirts of town into the heart of the city can cause. At first I tried listing to music on the radio. After it became apparent that the radio stations seem to cycle through their most popular songs in the first hour, leaving me to hear them two or three times during my commute, I decided that the radio would not do. After complaining profusely about my commute, my best friend made me a mix CD, which I listened to for a few days. After I learned every word by heart and then resorted to trying to make up my own lyrics that just happened to express my distaste for distracted drivers, the CD was out. I tried talking to someone on speakerphone during my drive, but most people dislike being called at 6am. (Public Service Announcement: Don’t Text and Drive! Also, don’t hold that phone up to your ear, there are plenty of alternatives that can allow you to keep both hands on the wheel.) After many failed attempts to make my commute a little less miserable, someone finally gave me the idea to listen to audio books. 
What? Listen to books on my long commute? I love books! I don’t have as much time to read as I used to because I am stuck in a car for three hours a day. Now, I can get the best of both worlds!!!  GENIUS!!!!

After I downloaded my first audio book, I was hooked. My drive turned from watching the clock and despairing over every passing moment that kept me in the vehicle, to frowning when my exit sign came into view signaling the fact that I would have to turn off my car and with that, pause the audio book until after work. In fact, the other day my commute took over two hours and I hadn’t even realized or fretted over the extra time it took me to get home. I was so engrossed in the book I was listening to, that the time seemed to pass quickly. 

So voila! We have a solution to road rage: Audio Books! 

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Check out our new audio release of Angus MacBain and the Island of Sleeping Kings. This audio book is great for all ages and can even be listened to by the entire family during one of those long road trips out of town for the Holidays! 

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Angus MacBain and the Island of Sleeping Kings

by Angela J. Townsend

(Young Adult Everyone- Also, Middle Grade Appropriate)
Angus MacBain is unaware that his ancestral roots hail from an ancient sect of Scottish kings. When his dying grandfather gives him a dragon pendant, thirteen-year-old Angus learns of a legacy that will take him across an ocean to the island of Iona and thrust him into a heritage he did not know he had. He soon discovers that his mother, whom he had believed dead, is really a seal fairy, in hiding from a dangerous enemy. To save her, Angus must undergo a perilous journey of destiny and power to battle an evil Dacian knight and those who serve him. With only his family shield and the advice of a wizened vampire hunter to protect him, Angus must navigate dangerous terrain and dark enemies, in a land where the past and the present mingle, and sleeping kings wake.

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(A great gift for fans of Harry Potter!)

About Angela J. Townsend

Angela Townsend was born in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Missoula, Montana. As a child, Angela grew up listening to stories told by her grandparents, ancient tales and legends of faraway places. Influenced by her Irish and Scottish heritage, Angela became an avid research historian, specializing in Celtic mythology. Her gift for storytelling finally led her to a full time career in historical research and writing. A writer in local community circulations, Angela is also a published genealogical and historical resource writer who has taught numerous research seminars. Currently, Angela divides her time between writing, playing Celtic music on her fiddle, and Irish dancing. 

Angela’s first novel, Amarok, was published through Spencer Hill Press in 2012. Her newest novel, Angus MacBain and The Island of Sleeping Kings, was signed for publication with Clean Teen Publishing in 2013. 

Angela resides on a ranch, in rural Northwestern Montana, with her two children Levi and Grant.