How can you stay creative? Guest post by author K.C. Finn

Writer’s Tips with K.C. Finn…

Top Ten Ways To Stay Creative:

  1. Read a lot of different things. As writers, we do forget to get out there and read once in a while. Reading plenty of different genres expands your creative potential. I know that every time I delve into a new story type, I think to myself: “How could I put my own unique spin on this?” It’s very inspiring!
  2. Explore a different culture. Writers in Western society can get very formulaic about their storytelling approach. Explore stories, myths, legends and locations from other cultures to see how their narratives differ from your own, and be inspired by a new perspective.
  3. Find some new music. Listening to the same playlist over and over may be fun, but it won’t help you access a new mood or atmosphere for your stories. Youtube and Last FM are great places to go on a musical journey and listen to inspiring songs you never knew existed.
  4. Write something random. Seventh Sanctum does some amazing random story generators to challenge your writing skills. To break up the monotony of manuscripts and wake up your brain, try writing something totally new.
  5. Set goals. Achieving a small goal, like ‘Complete Chapter One’, can feel really good when you tick it off your list. Make small goals that add up to bigger ones, and enjoy that moment of achievement and pride when you see yourself making progress towards them.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up. We all know that a writer’s life is filled with deadlines and pressure, but if you’re not in the mood to write, then don’t waste time worrying about it. Instead, follow another creative pursuit to get yourself back in the inspired mood!
  7. Step away from the computer. There’s nothing more uninspiring than a cursor blinking on a blank document. Get away from the screen once in a while. Write by hand, make notes, draw diagrams and record voice memos to access your creativity in a new form.
  8. Collaborate with creative people. Find yourself a nice little band of writers and discuss your ideas with them. Be involved in their work too, because you never know what lessons you can learn about your own writing from looking at someone else’s.
  9. Try something new. Don’t just stick to what you know. Experiment with new genres, new perspectives and new ways of telling your story, but do it with the help of good guidance from books and other writers online. The best writers are those who aren’t afraid to tackle any new challenge.
  10. Get up on your feet. Writing isn’t just about the typing. Get up and become your characters. Act out a scene, imagine yourself within in, or just have a general flail to get your blood pumping and your brain circulation active again. Too much time spent sitting still only leads to stagnant prose!
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