Julie Wetzel Takes on UtopYA 2015!



We have several Clean Teen and Crimson Tree Publishing authors who will be attending UtopYA 2015 this year in Nashville, TN. To celebrate the upcoming book convention, we will be sharing a series of blog posts between now and June about the authors attending the convention. Even if you aren’t coming to UtopYA Con this year, these posts will have some exciting information about your favorite authors and more. If you want to learn more about UtopYA Con, check it out here.

UtopYA Questions and Answers with JULIE WETZEL:

Julie Wetzel

  1. Which of your newest titles are you most excited about sharing with the UtopYA Attendees?

The newest title in the Kindling Flames series is Stolen Fire. It’s a continuation of the paranormal romance series that follows Victoria Westernly, a girl fresh out of college, as she discovers that vampires are real, along with a whole range of other paranormal creatures.

Ebook - Stolen Fire Final

  1. Why did you choose to go to UtopYA?

I had a great time last year at UtopYA. I learned a lot from the forums and enjoyed meeting the other authors. And on top of that, I got to hang out with several of the people from my publishing group. I love my publisher!

  1. What are you most looking forward to at UtopYA?

The books of course! But I’m also looking forwards to hanging out with the people and possibly learning something new!

  1. What can attendees look forward to seeing at your Clean Teen Publishing Booth?

Lots of great books! This year the authors at CTP have worked together to bring out an anthology of time travel stories just for UtopYA. That will be awesome. I’m also bringing some book charms for Kindling Flames and my new dragon series. I have some paper swag and other stuff, but I haven’t finished putting it together. Yeah, I’m working on a new book instead of getting my ducks in a row for UtopYA. But it will be done before I get there, so you will just have to come over and check us out.


  1. Tell us one interesting fact that UtopYA attendees should know about you.

I never intended to become a writer, I wanted to be a volcanologist and study pyroclastic flows. But that plan never panned out and I started writing to entertain my sister while she was aboard ship. It’s funny how the world can turn your dreams around and hand you a life that you never expected.