Kasi Blake talks about bullying…

The Story of Bullies

Guest Post by Kasi Blake

They come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Just because a mean kid has grown up does not make them nice adults. People get bullied at school, at work, at the grocery store, and probably anywhere else you can think of. They are also in every TV show, movie, and book you can probably think of.

We call them villains…

Buffy-Cordelia-season-3-buffy-the-vampire-slayer-1264423_450_337Buffy the Vampire Slayer: This is one of my favorite shows, and I still watch them on DVD from time to time. There were quite a few bullies over the years on this program, but when I think about bullies, I think about Cordelia. They eventually had her change over to a nicer person (after her parents divorced and she wasn’t rolling in money anymore), but let’s talk about the first couple of seasons. This girl demeaned, picked on, and pushed around anyone she thought was inferior (so basically, everyone that wasn’t in her little clique). She reminded me of some girls from my old high school. I’ve heard people say that if someone doesn’t physically hurt you, then you should just walk it off, but words hurt worse. A black eye heals. A battered soul does not.


Frasier_Crane_Shrink_Wrap_radio_station_KACLFrasier: In the show about two psychiatrist brothers living in Seattle, Frasier pays a plumber to fix his toilet. Then he realizes this guy is the one that bullied him and made his life miserable all through school. He wants an apology. He wants revenge. While he’s debating on what to do, his brother confronts his bully (the plumber’s brother), and gets to the bottom of it. The plumber and his brother had an abusive father. Lots of times bullies have been beaten down themselves and are so miserable that they lash out. Tearing someone else down makes them feel better about themselves.


14Boy Meets World: There was a small group of bullies on this program that were physical bullies. They
did it for comedic affect on the show, but in real life it is not funny when someone beats you up. Kids are threatened for their lunch money, and they elude to the fact that the bullies beat kids up all the time. A lot of bullies hang out in groups because they can’t stand up against you if they’re alone.


Dirk_SpiritSupernatural: My all-time favorite show did an episode about a ghost that used to be a bully. Sam was picked on by this kid, but he stood up to him and beat him up before transferring to another school. Sam is shocked to hear that the kid was bullied after he left and called Dirk the Jerk, a name Sam had branded him with that day. We find out that Dirk’s mom had died from cancer. He was her caregiver and was extremely close to her, so he acted out of pain.

Bullies have been portrayed in a variety of ways over the years. There is no easy fix for this problem. They say it takes a village to raise a kid. Well, wouldn’t it be nice if the community banned together with a no-tolerance policy on bullying in any form? What do you think would work? What should adults or kids do to put a stop to bullying?


kasiblake2When Kasi Blake was in the third grade, she found out that a good story could get her out of trouble. Okay, some people call it a lie, but she didn’t see anything wrong with using every skill available to her to avoid being grounded. Over the years, that didn’t change. Her stories just grew more elaborate. When she was 12, she began to write them down, starting with a six-page tale about a boy from the wrong side of the tracks and the good girl that secretly wanted him. Kasi went on to write for Harlequin for a few years. Then, she published a vampire series on her own, and now she is publishing with Clean Teen.

Get ready for an exciting series on witches using their powers to play dangerous games at school. The first is Crushed. You can find her on Twitter @kasiblake, on FB, and she has a website under her name.

Kasi lives on a farm in the Midwest with tons of animals including cows, ducks, chickens, a dog, and cats.


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