Kathy-Lynn Cross Takes on UtopYA!



We have several Clean Teen and Crimson Tree Publishing authors who will be attending UtopYA 2015 this year in Nashville, TN. To celebrate the upcoming book convention, we will be sharing a series of blog posts between now and June about the authors attending the convention. Even if you aren’t coming to UtopYA Con this year, these posts will have some exciting information about your favorite authors and more. If you want to learn more about UtopYA Con, check it out here.


Kathy 7

  1. Which of your newest titles (with genre) are you most excited about sharing with the UtopYA Attendees? 

So Shall I Reap, book one in the Unseen Series is a Paranormal-Young Adult-Fantasy. I’m very excited to share this with the readers at UtopYA! I’m also super excited to be included in the Twists in Time anthology.

Ebook - Twists in Time

  1. Why did you choose to go to UtopYA?

This is my first convention. I’m diving in to learn, stalk …I mean meet other authors, and shout on the book riddled mountains about my new series. It’s SCYTHETACULAR!

Ebook - So Shall I Reap

  1. What are you most looking forward to at UtopYA?

Finally meeting me author/publishing family. Make memories – Take incriminating pictures – (J/K) Learning from the panel boards and checking out the other genres.

  1. What can attendees look forward to seeing at your Clean Teen Publishing Booth?

Oh, I have a plethora of swag. Charmed bookmarks: Tevin’s, Alexcia’s, Clean Teen Publishing’s and Crimson Tree Publishing’s. Fan Art, magnets, postcards, paper book marks, contact cards, and ARC’s (if you can do the Chicken Dance).

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  1. Tell us one interesting fact that UtopYA attendees should know about you.

I may write about reapers, daemons & death, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, …my hubby, kids, friends, life, music, and my fingers when they fly over the keyboard and breathe life into a new character.

Kathy Reaper Bio Pic