Our new giveaway is worth over $100!


First, I want to start this post off with letting you all know that we have an exciting giveaway in January. I’m sure many of you have heard about our famous mystery boxes that have 1-2 books in them and some cool swag. We give those away consistently throughout the year. In fact, we packed over 50 of them in 2016 and sent them all out during monthly giveaways, blog tours, and YouTube tours. This giveaway is going to be a little different. Imagine our mystery box on steroids! We are going to send a beefed up mega mystery prize pack with multiple books (including some signed by the author and some advance reader copies), as well as some swag, an audio book or two, and maybe a few other mystery goodies that you will just have to wait and see. Since this is top secret, all I can say is that it’s going to be huge! This mystery prize will be worth over $100! The winner will be allowed to designate if they’d like the box to include a combination of both of our imprint’s titles, or only Clean Teen Publishing or Crimson Tree Publishing titles. Details on how to enter are at the bottom of this post.


In addition to our amazing giveaway, we are hosting a month long event on Facebook where you can enter daily to win exciting prizes from our authors. Prizes will include signed books, gift cards, swag, jewelry, a dragon, etc. You can join the party on Facebook here. Be sure to invite your friends!


My name is Rebecca, and many of you know me as one of the owners of Clean Teen Publishing. I handle most of the marketing aspect of our publishing house, as well as run the blog and newsletters. For those of you who don’t know how Clean Teen Publishing started, I’ll give you a very brief synopsis. My best-friend (Courtney) and I wrote a novel called Night Marchers in 2012. Courtney has a rare auto-immune disease and at the time was having a lot of complications with it and wanted to check some items off her bucket list. In 2011 we did our Twilight Road trip to gain one checkmark and then in 2012, we wrote a book to gain another. What we didn’t expect was that we would fall in love with writing and would go on to write six more novels, including the entire ELE Series. After learning through trial and error the ins and outs of publishing, as well as gaining a decent sized fanbase (some of the most amazing readers ever) we decided we wanted to help other authors get their novels published too. We partnered with our amazing cover designer (Marya) and launched Clean Teen Publishing in 2013. Since then, we’ve opened an adult fiction imprint called Crimson Tree Publishing, we’ve moved from an Indie Publisher up to a Mid-list Publisher with titles in national retail distribution, and we’ve signed over 40 authors and have published more than 150 titles.

Our company has had it’s ups and downs, but 2016 has been a tough year for authors and publishers all around. Most publishers, from Indie to some of the Big Six, have been hit by the lull in book sales.  Many blame it on the stress of the election and the multiple pressing issues that arose this past year in our country, as well as around the world. This definitely plays a large factor in it, but this Holiday season I heard another major reason over and over again that played a huge role in the reduction of book sales.

“I like to read, but I have no time for it anymore.” ~Said by multiple shoppers at craft fairs in the 2016 Holiday Season. 

Here we are above. (I’m on the right.) A couple of women entrepreneurs who decided to set up at some craft fairs this holiday season to try and peddle our wares as a last ditch effort to bring in some more cash-flow to our small business prior to the end of the year. We went to 3 different craft fairs with more than 300 print books to sell. We sold 28 books total. We didn’t even sell enough books to pay for the tables. We weren’t new to setting up at book expos or selling face-to-face with consumers, so we knew that this number of book sales was extremely pitiful. Not only did we feel a little defeated by the end of the third craft fair, but we felt true concern for the industry as a whole. As shoppers walked by our table we continually asked the question: “Do you like to read?” We continually received similar responses such as: “Yes, but I have no time for it anymore.”  This is one of the things wrong with 2016. Readers weren’t making time to do what they loved to do— to read.

I should be wagging my finger at these shoppers and I should be telling them the multiple reasons why it’s so important to make time for reading…but I couldn’t. Why? Because I haven’t made time to read either. In 2016, I’ve read only enough physical/digital books to count on one hand.

Yes I’m a publisher, but no, I don’t read every single book we sign. We have a team of amazing, speed reading, acquisition editors who do this for us. I don’t read nearly as fast as they do. I also have a corporate day job, I homeschool my kids, and then I do my CTP work at night. I don’t stop doing “things” until I lay my head down to go to sleep. I can’t judge all of those shoppers at the craft fairs when I myself have been too busy to read. (However, I do combat this some by listening to audio books when I’m in the car. I’ve listened to 29 audio books in 2016. I do consider this a form of devouring books and supporting authors as well as the industry as a whole. But I miss reading with my eyes.)

So in 2017, I’m making a pledge to read (with my eyes) no less than 1 book a month. I’m stating this out loud and in a very public way so I can be held accountable for meeting my goal. Will you make a pledge to read more in 2017 as well?


This is where our giveaway and our month long party comes into play. Whether you were a part of that group that didn’t make time for reading in 2016, or if you were the exceptional reader who helped support our business and our authors this past year, this giveaway is a time to make a new resolution. It’s a NEW YEAR, and we have some NEW READS for you! Enter our giveaway Rafflecopter form below and be sure to comment here with how many books you plan to read in 2017 for an extra entry. Then join our party on Facebook where everyone will walk away with a prize by January 31, 2017.

Together, we can make time for reading in 2017!

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*This giveaway is available for US residents only. If an international winner is drawn, they will receive an alternative prize of $50 Paypal cash and their choice of any five published Clean Teen Publishing or Crimson Tree Publishing novels.