Stop the hate— Author Amanda Strong speaks up about bullying. (Don’t forget our $300+ Giveaway!)

(A post by Author Amanda Strong.)

Can I just say it breaks my heart when I hear about teens or kids being bullied! When I was a teenager, I was extremely shy. I kept to myself, didn’t say much, and ate far too many lunches reading in the library. One thing I’m very grateful for is that I was never directly bullied, but I saw it happen. I remember in my Junior High there was one boy who everyone picked on. They teased him, made fun of him, and rolled their eyes when he came near. I was too shy and scared to say anything then. Shame on me, shy or not, I should have said something! I should have been the one kind person in that poor boy’s life. I have no idea what happened to him. I can only hope his life ended up a happy one.
Now as an adult, I have a different perspective on what teens face today. I have seen those who become victim to this cruel act of hate. I beg kids and teens to not listen to those mean voices, those spiteful people. Each individual is precious, unique, and full of limitless potential! If someone told me when I was thirteen that one day I’d actually enjoy standing up in front of an auditorium full of junior high kids, I’d have told them to jump in the lake because they were straight up crazy! 
I didn’t know who I was then. How many kids don’t know who they are and aren’t even given the chance to find out before they are ridiculed for being different? As a mother, my greatest fear will be that one of my most precious kids will be on the receiving end of this treatment. In the world of bullies, one person can make a difference! If you are in a school where bullying takes place, you CAN change things! Stand up to bullies! Stand up to mean gossip! Stand up and say something! Smile at the person whom no one likes. You may never know if that one smile might have saved that person’s life. 

Born in Dekalb, Illinois, Amanda Strong has called Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, Virginia and now New Mexico home. Amanda has been spinning tales since she was a child. Her family still remembers finding young Amanda with her bright pink glasses, hiding in random corners of the house while scribbling away in one of her many spiral-bound notebooks. You could say that some things never change since Amanda is still writing today. Amanda began her writing career when she uploaded The Awakener, her first full-length novel, on Wattpad where it received over 430,000 reads in four weeks.She was blown away and humbled by the reader support and feedback she received. Because of The Awakener’s success as a non-published book, she was asked to talk on 1400 KSTAR about her story. 
In September 2013 Amanda Strong signed with Clean Teen Publishing for publication of The Awakener, which is scheduled to release in late October of this year. The Awakener is the first book in an all-new young adult paranormal romance series called: The Watchers of Men.  
When Amanda isn’t writing, you can find her chasing her three rambunctious children around the house and spending time with her wonderful and supportive husband. On some occasions you can still find Amanda with her not-so-pink glasses, hiding in a corner reading her favorite young adult fantasy novels or working out only to blow her diet by eating ice cream. 




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