Susan Harris opens up about an experience with bullies.

BULLIED A Guest Post by Susan Harris Bullying isn’t just something that happens when you’re young or a teenager. It can happen to you when you’re supposed to be a grown-up as well. My experience of bullying—just like everyone else’s—is not a happy story, but I think it has a sort of happy ending. Writing this story is hard. I’m … Read More

Guest post and giveaway from Kathy-Lynn Cross & Her Son…

GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY By Kathy-Lynn Cross and her son Joshua Hello, my name is Kathy-Lynn Cross, author of the Unseen Series. In honor of Anti-bullying & Cancer awareness month, my family and I pulled together for both causes. My son would like to share a story about anti-bullying with you. This was something he witnessed at his High School, … Read More