The Boxed Set You’ve Been Waiting For!

Fans of Jon Messenger’s steampunk series have been asking for a boxed set! We’re excited to share that we’re releasing one next month! The first three novels in the Magic and Machinery series will be available at a discounted rate of only $5.99 for pre-orders. This is a $2.99 savings over buying the novels individually. Plus, fans will get a … Read More

A new book by Jon Messenger is here today!

NOW AVAILABLE! Jon Messenger’s steampunk series is taking the world by storm. His first novel in the Magic & Machinery Series— Wolves of the Northern Rift— hit best-seller lists right away. Fans are calling it, “Sherlock Holmes meets Steampunk.” The second book, Blood Thief of Whitten Hall released this Summer and now, readers can get their hands on book three. The … Read More