Clean Teen pens a deal with Quinn Loftis, USA Today Best-Selling Author!

NEW AUTHOR PRESS RELEASE: This week Clean Teen Publishing penned a new deal with USA Today Best-Selling Author, Quinn Loftis. Known best for her young adult shifter romance— THE GREY WOLVES SERIES— Loftis is an excellent addition to the Clean Teen Publishing team of authors. The deal signed is for a new young adult Viking Romance Series with a current … Read More

Clean Teen Publishing pens a deal with Jenna-Lynne Duncan…

NEW AUTHOR PRESS RELEASE: In late March 2016 Clean Teen Publishing signed a deal with award winning author Jenna-Lynne Duncan for her young adult novel titled BLUE TIDE. This title is slated for release in retail stores and online in early January 2017. “With a large push this year for readers to get out of their comfort zones and read diverse … Read More

Let us introduce you to…

NEW AUTHOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Clean Teen Publishing is pleased to announce that they recently penned a deal with Young Adult author— Audrey Greathouse for her series titled THE NEVERLAND WARS. Our team was excited when this present-day continuation of Peter Pan was submitted to us during the big #Pit2Pub collaboration between authors and publishers on Twitter. The first novel in THE NEVERLAND WARS is … Read More

New Author Announcement!

Clean Teen Publishing Has a New Author! Clean Teen Publishing is pleased to announce that they signed Jennifer Derrick, a new young adult author. Derrick’s first novel— Broken Fate— is slated to release on April 18, 2016. Melanie Newton—a Clean Teen Publishing’s Acquisitions Editor— says: “When an author can grab your attention in a 140 character tweet you know they have … Read More