Representing Welsh women to an international audience.

From Mam to the Masses: Representing Welsh women to an international audience When I began writing The Mind’s Eye, I had already invented the tiny Welsh village of Bryn Eira Bach (translated as Little Snow Hill) as the setting in which Kit and Leighton would join the Price family and live out their adventures. It was all too common during … Read More

K.C. Finn tells us her favorite moments in her books.

K.C. Finn Reveals… Top Ten Favourite Moments From My Books: The Mind’s Eye, available now and FREE to download: “Your Doctor Baxendale’s an idiot.” Bickerstaff hardly looked at me when he spoke. “He doesn’t know his ilium from his olecranon. Now, I want to see you stand. Get up.” He said it like it was an easy thing to do. … Read More

Author K.C. Finn talks about writers that influence her.

The Top Ten Writers That Influence My Work By K.C. Finn K.C. Finn is currently part-way into her six-part Synsk series at Clean Teen Publishing: a series of paranormal historical novels set at various points in British history from 1939 to the present day. Her other novels include themes such as time-travel, urban fantasy, science fiction, crime and horror.   … Read More