Together we can stop bullying, by Alicia Michaels

Together we can stop bullying!

by Alicia Michaels

When I was a junior in high school, I came upon a boy in the hallway being bullied. He had special needs. The sad thing was, he did not even realize he was being made fun of. Everyone around him did, though, and it angered me to see it happening.
The other kids would make a game of it, telling this young man that a certain girl (usually one of the ‘popular’ set) wanted a hug. Because his disability left him unable to understand that they were joking, he would smile real wide and run toward said girl with his arms open. And he wasn’t taking no for an answer. This boy loved affection and was not going to leave the girl alone until he got his hug. The girl would run from him and scream for someone to get the ‘freak’ away from her, yet he had no idea that she was part of this cruel prank. He thought of it as a game and was having so much fun. Meanwhile, groups of kids would gather to point and laugh.
This was a normal occurrence in my school, and after seeing it happen a few times, I had finally had enough. See, watching this young man get laughed at and treated like a so-called ‘freak’ took me back to the years when going to school terrified me. Through elementary and middle school, I was the target of just about every cruel joke and prank you could think of. I was made fun of for being a straight A student, for being the last girl in my grade to need a bra and being very thin, for having crooked teeth (and, later, for having braces). I was kicked, pushed, punched, yelled at, threatened, and even had a chunk of my hair cut off with scissors.
In that moment, this young man’s degradation was my own, and I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Without hesitation, I walked up to the young man and hugged him as tight as I could. He stopped chasing the girl and went about his business. Then, in front of everybody, I blasted the popular kids; let them have it at the top of my lungs. I’ll admit, it probably wasn’t the best way to handle the situation. But being bullied for so long had made me angry and guarded. Being defensive and abrasive was my way of putting up an outer shell so that nothing could hurt me. It was my way of standing up.
 I definitely did not make any friends with the popular kids that day, but I didn’t care. I never was one to follow the crowd. Of course it happened again after that, but I often wonder if it’s because more people didn’t speak up. Even those who agreed with me, that believed they were cruel to do this to him, remained silent, standing by and watching without protest. That angered me about as much as watching the bullying.
I guess the point I’m trying to make, is that it takes more than one voice. It takes more than one person to take on the fight against bullying. To truly end this travesty, we must ALL take responsibility in some way. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never bullied anyone in your life, you are still accountable for your friends, your neighbors, your classmates. We have to hold each other responsible and say that we will not stand idly by and watch bullying happen. I wish with all my might that someone had stood up for me. My mother fought constantly with teacher and parents who just didn’t care. Maybe if some of my peers had stood up too, things could have been a lot better. As parents, teachers, friends … we must do more than just stand by and shake out heads.
Empathy and sympathy are great. But they aren’t enough. Action is needed and it starts with each of us as individuals. When I was a kid, no one took bullying seriously. It was always ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘they’re just kids’ or ‘it was just a harmless prank’. But now, our society is taking notice. Teens are taking their lives, children are afraid to ride the bus or walk down school hallways and we now know how toxic bullying can be. It is my hope that, as more awareness is spread, we will all pitch in to do our part in ending bullying for good.

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About Alicia Michaels:

Ever since she first read books like Chronicles of Narnia or Goosebumps, Alicia has been a lover of mind-bending fiction. Wherever imagination takes her, she is more than happy to call that place her home. The mother of two and wife to an Army sergeant loves chocolate, coffee, and of course good books. When not writing, you can usually find her with her nose in a book, shopping for shoes and fabulous jewelry, or spending time with her loving family.