Two new releases and one of them is delicious!


Crimson Tree Publishing has two exciting releases today and one of them just happens to be delicious. Perfect Contradiction by Peggy Martinez is the sweet sequel to Sweet Contradiction. Both books of which you can read in series order or as stand alone novels. (But why in the world would you read just one? After all, Sweet Contradiction is FREE!) The second release is our first ever companion cookbook! The Contradiction Series Cookbook by Peggy Martinez has 50 perfectly southern recipes. Just in time for Summer, grab an ice-cold glass of sweet tea, your copy of Perfect Contradiction, and get ready to relax on your porch swing (or sofa) and enjoy a sweet love story.


perfect Contradiction ebooksm


Jennifer Collins is finally beginning to heal after losing her mother to cancer. It’s been a long road with scary turns, but her best friend Beth helped her through the darkest moments. But now Beth has gone and gotten herself hitched, and Jen can’t help but feel like she’s all alone once again.

When Hunter Wright comes strolling back into town after leaving her behind without so much as a see ya later when she needed him the most, Jen suddenly realizes she isn’t as over him as she thought she was. And perhaps she never would be.

But things are complicated now, and Jen has a secret that makes it impossible for her to throw caution to the wind and fall back into the arms of the man who broke her heart. Sometimes, a new beginning, a new life, and a new outlook can mean so much more than understanding and forgiveness. Sometimes it can mean putting faith in someone who has the ability to hurt you or the ability to make you whole. Jen knows more than anyone that love can be such a… Perfect Contradiction.



Ebook - Cook Book


The Contradictions Series Cookbook is a recipe book based on the Contradiction Novels by Peggy Martinez.

The characters and stories found in the Contradiction Novels may be fictional, but the love the author has for all things country and southern is all too real. In this recipe book, you will find over fifty recipes that have been southern-kitchen tested and country-simple approved. Some have been passed down for generations, and some are just plain easy and fun. But all of them could have easily been one of the recipes Jennifer Collins uses in Sweet Contradiction or Perfect Contradiction. So, pull a chair up, grab a glass of sweet iced tea, and expect your little heart to be blessed. We’re glad y’all are here.