We are not affiliated with #CleanReads…

Taking a moment to clarify something…

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We want to take a moment to state that we are not affiliated in any way with the publishing company that is being spoken about in the #CleanReads thread on Twitter. While our name is similar to the other publishing company, our companies are not connected in any way. We do not have the same restrictions on submissions as this other publisher. We felt the need to clarify this on our blog and social media sites after a few readers messaged us worried that our company may be confused with the company being spoken about on the #CleanReads thread.

For those of you who don’t know, our name came to us about three years ago when we were developing our disclosure system and while going through a list of names, we thought Clean Teen had a nice ring to it. We state many times on our website that we are not here to say what we deem clean, or that our books are clean in any way. In fact I could think one book is clean to me and you could think it’s the opposite. We all have our own opinions and our own preferences. We have given our name a second thought a few times over the past few years, but we have built such a brand that we don’t want to change our name. We like how it sounds and we enjoy being able to tell readers and anyone who is skeptical about our name exactly how we aren’t a censoring, boring, fuddy-dud of a company.

Our company believes in full disclosure. We let our readers know the content level of romance, violence, drug/alcohol use, and language in every book we publish. We have never included a disclosure for any of our character’s sexual preferences because we don’t feel that sexual preference is necessary in a disclosure. A character’s sexual preference wouldn’t change any type of disclosure because it’s not a negative thing and it’s not anything that has to be highlighted either. We wouldn’t disclose if a character is a guy or a girl, if they were old or young, so why would we disclose if they like guys, girls, or both? It has no weight on the story or the content in itself. We have books that are filled with characters from all walks of life. We have books with sex in them, books with cussing, books that have religious tones in them, and books filled with violence and gore. We have books that bring awareness to abuse, we have heart-wrenching stories that will stick with you for years, and we have romantic comedies that will make you LOL on the train on your way to school or work. We publish entertaining fiction. When we read a submission, we are looking for a unique story; something that we know will impact readers, and something that we feel will sell well in bookstores. We love all of our fictional characters and all of our readers just the way they are.

If you are interested in learning more about Clean Teen Publishing, we invite you to visit our website. Take a look around. Read our submissions guidelines and our content disclosure information. Give our books a chance and we promise, you will be thoroughly entertained.