Your Human… Were Human… There, Their, They’re Human… When Spell Check just don’t cut it no more!

We use Grammarly to check grammar online because it makes all of the difference between knowing your crap and knowing you’re crap.


We are all human right? 
With the exception of Mr. Squirrel, most of our Clean Teen Publishing authors and readers are human. Being human means that we make mistakes. We aren’t perfect and let’s face the truth: we never will be. That’s why the world has editors. We will share a little secret with you though. Are you ready to hear it? Even editors aren’t perfect. 
A book of 90,000 words that is proofread by the author, by the publisher and then thoroughly checked three times through by an editor is still bound to have a few left over mistakes. So, what does this mean? It means that were human, there human, were all human. 
For those who have developed a slight twitch by my purposely used bad grammar above, this correction is for you: It means that we’re human, they’re human, we’re all human.

Errors are bound to happen. So what can you do about it? 

  • Ask others to proofread your work. If it’s a really important document, try to ask several people to read through it. 
  • Don’t trust spell check. Spell check is very limited on what it can do for you. We recommend using a more advanced error checker for documents like
  • If you are needing to edit your own work, try to step away from it for a few days and then proofread it. This gives you a new set of eyes. After all, when you write something, you know exactly what you meant to say. Since you know what you meant to say, you are less likely to catch your errors or missing words because your mind is filling in the blanks for you. 
  • Try to make small works of writing are as error free as possible. This is especially important when you are creating a professional presentation. For example, if you were to submit a book to us for consideration, you’d want your query letter to be as error free as possible. This adds that extra level of professionalism and shows that you are a serious writer. 
  • Remember that you are human. You are bound to make a mistake or two or three. So don’t beat yourself up over it. Heck, I’m sure I made some errors in this blog post! 
  • Give grace to others. If you see an error, it’s okay to point it out in a respectful way if you absolutely have to.  Don’t bash someone because of it though. There’s no need for that. (If you’ve never written a full length, error free novel, can you really judge someone else’s that harshly?) This is especially important in reviews. I don’t think people realize how hurtful a mean review can be to an author. I know, because I’ve read them for my own books and I’ve consoled numerous other authors when the’ve gotten mean reviews. Being mean about a book you don’t like is like saying someone’s baby is ugly. Just because you don’t like something or because it’s not pretty to you, doesn’t mean you have to be hurtful. Unless you’ve written a book and pressed the publish button, it’s hard to truly understand the extent of what an author goes through when they share their work with the world. It’s okay to say you don’t like a book, but you know when you are being mean or when you are just leaving your honest feedback. 


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